Proud Breeder of “The Royal Dog of Madagascar”

100% Purebred Malagasy Coton de Tulear

Registered with the Malagasy Coton de Tulear Preservation Club


We are taking deposits for puppies who will be ready to go home in the  Fall of 2020 (most likely September). Contact us to get on the waiting list for our current and upcoming litters.

We are members of the Malagasy Coton Preservation Club. We are proud to be a part of preserving the Malagasy Cotons and to practice the MCPC’s Code of Ethics.

Cotons are a wonderful and devoted breed. They are true companions and are often called “the anti-depressant dog”. They are intelligent, calm, easy to train, very affectionate and clownish with delightful personalities. They love to snuggle but are always ready for activity. They are wonderful children’s dogs and great therapy dogs. They are also known as “a big dog inside a small dog’s body.” They are hypo-allergenic and do not shed.  They are sturdy and hardy, and love to swim, hike and take walks.  To us, they are the perfect dog.

At Chico Cotons, you won’t find the most polished clean Cotons out there. We are a family of three boys and two parents who savor the outdoors: hiking, biking, swimming and getting our paws dirty. Our dogs come along on our adventures from day hikes and creek swims to 2 month long cross country camping trips, so they don’t always have brushed out coats or pretty haircuts, but they are living life large, and proving what  incredible companions Cotons are. 

Leia and Whitney
Leia and Whitney

Puppies from our litters:

                                             Dakota 2017

unnamed (41)
Elsa from our 2014 litter
unnamed (13)
Petra Leia from 2014
Whitney of Chico Cotons from our 2013 litter

Blossom now Dixie from our first litter                                                Blossom, first litter

Kiwi, first litter                                               Kiwi, first litter

Chloe from our second litterChloe, second litter

Dougie and Kiwi- first litterKiwi and Dougie, first litter

Dougie- first litter Dougie, first litter

Dixie- first litter Blossom, now Dixie, first litter

Ollie-second litter Ollie, second litter

Jasmine now Tapioki- second litterJasmine, now Tapioki, second litter

Chloe- second litter

Chloe- second litter

Ollie-second litter                                        Ollie- second litter

marnie                  Marnie, now Molly, second litter

Our sweet Leia                                  Our sweet Leia

Luke SkyWalker of Kolosky Cotons
Our Luke

Leia                                           Leia 


Always in on the action                                      Always in on the action!

Leia                                                                     Leia

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Therapy dog, Luck