Our Cotons


Princess Leia of Tarheel Cotons

The Matriarch of Chico Cotons

Princess Leia of Tarheel Cotons 

leia on trip 2
Our sweet Leia
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Luke Skywalker of Kolosky Cotons

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 Whitney (r) and Leia (l)

                                                                    Whitney of Chico Cotons


Luck My Pup of Chico Cotons 

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Our Cotons, Woodruff, Leia, Bille, Luck, Faith and Luke,  are very social and interactive. They follow us from room to room, happy to snuggle beside us, in our laps, or at our feet. They love to go for walks, or to play a game of chase or tag with kids. When hiking they do not run off or chase after wildlife. Instead, they stay near us either just ahead or just behind, often alternating positions throughout the hike, as if they are checking in and making sure everyone is ok.   If you go outside, they want outside, if you go inside, they want inside. They wait by the door when we leave, and are the welcoming committee upon our return.

Luke often carries his leash around in his mouth in hopes of a walk or hike. He can do many tricks including walk on his hind legs, and dance in circles on his hind legs, jump through hoops, and give high-5’s and high-10’s.  He is my running partner and can easily run 8-10 miles.  He is a really sweet, loving boy.

Leia along with smiling at you (which is a common trait in Cotons), talking to you (another Coton trait), is the bringer of presents, your shoe (which she never chews, just delivers), a favorite stuffed animal she lays at your feet, or a towel if she thinks you need one! She is the sweetest most gentle dog you will ever meet, super smart, and super playful. She is famous for her chase and tag games with the other dogs and the kids.

They are all clownish and joyful. It is very hard to be upset or sad if they are nearby. They also seem to be very in tune with our emotions, and just when you need a snuggle or kiss, they are there. If ever they hear crying, if one of the boys is hurt or upset, they come running to comfort. And they are excellent therapy dogs, calm, loving, and soothing.

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Luck as Therapy Dog
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