Puppy Selection Process

After the initial approval, we have people hold a puppy with a deposit, but not a particular puppy. We want to make sure your puppy will be happy with your family, your pets, and your life, and that you will be happy with your  puppy. Some puppies are more needy, some more independent, some more dominant, some more submissive.  These traits can’t be discerned before 6-8 weeks. When we have a good feel for their personalities, we allow the new owners to request a specific puppy, and we help them decide by guiding them to the puppy who will best fit their lifestyle. This insures the best opportunity for the right puppy to go to the right home.  It is wonderful if you can visit the puppies during this time. Sometimes people have their heart set on a particular puppy the whole time, and after meeting all the puppies, decide on a different puppy based on their personality. If you can’t visit, rest assured we know the puppies VERY well and will help you pick the right one for you.